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Brand Spotlight: Blink, An ODL Brand Offering Best-Selling Blinds Between Glass

When we started designing and selling enclosed blinds 20 years ago, we knew we had a winning product. Blinds sealed between two panes of glass never got dusty or bent out of shape, and they let homeowners control their privacy and light levels....

Black Grilles Between Glass: Modern Design, Timeless Style

Grilles, a hallmark of Arts & Crafts and Craftsman architectural design, elevates any home's look by visually dividing window or door glass into smaller panes using vertical and horizontal bars. Grilles are commonly associated with iconic...

What You Need in a Soundproof Glass Door

People need their homes to feel like a respite from daily life. But it’s hard to feel like you’re getting away to unwind when sirens, car doors, and other sounds follow you into your living room. The solution? A sound-suppressing glass door.

Perspectives Privacy Glass: A World of Textures, Right at Home

Every home is inspired by experiences big and small. Its front door should be just as elegant and creative