Published Mar 31, 2022 12:06:00 PM

What's New in 2022 [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you followed our International Builders' Show experience, you've already had a taste of the big year for product we have planned in 2022. Now, on the heels of several quick-fire launches in March, we've put together a roundup of all of ODL's latest and greatest so you can keep your offering on the leading edge.

You can download the infographic here, or keep reading for a link-filled breakdown of our new products.



Without further ado, let's launch into the countdown!*


Five new decorative designs

March 2022 saw the introduction of five decorative glass designs that were created for today's homeownerand tomorrow'sto fall in love with.

  1. Celebration, in Earth and Ocean, uses an innovative glass fusion process to create artisanal and unique doorglass every time.
  2. Dorian features patterns, textures and subtle color in a versatile geometric design. Choose between two colors of wide aluminum caming to match or complement surrounding fixtures in the home.
  3. A brand new take on a still-fresh design, Mistify White is a twist on the iconic drizzle pattern. Just like black, it's available as a one light or with coordinating grilles between glass. Which one is your favorite?
  4. Swirl's kinetic lines are graceful and fun, because 'private' doesn't always mean 'reserved'.
  5. On the other side of the coin, Timber is sheer eleganceor should we say 'opaque'? Clear lines boost the style of this high-privacy design.



ADA Doorglass (two sizes in two frames)

Two full view sizes, 22" x 60" and 22" x 76", maintain the 10" bottom rail required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards in 6'8" and 8'0" doors, respectively. Both sizes are available in our popular Evolve® frame with Low-E glass and in the impact-rated Severe Weather frame with Low-E+ laminated glass. Get more information about availability and where to find help with ADA here.



Low-E+ 366 glass

Energy efficiency is top of mind for everyone, from professionals to homeowners, when it comes to houses. This year, we are incorporating Low-E+ 366 glass into our Classic Series offering as a more energy efficient option for both impact-rated and non-impact doorglass. Check out these sizes in Catalog+:

Size ZEEL Frame Severe Weather Frame
7" x 64"
8" x 80"
20" x 64"
20" x 80"  
22" x 36"
22" x 48"
22" x 64"
22" x 80"



The missing piece of our ZEEL® offering

At time of publication, everything we've talked about so far is already available to order. Don't worry, thoughthat doesn't mean we don't have anything to look forward to!

We launched our minimalist ZEEL frame with nine of the most popular doorglass and sidelight sizes, then added the sleek Craftsman 3-Light SDL in 2021. Coming this summer, five additional sizes fill out the ZEEL offering and open the door to even greater efficiencies for prehangers (and better-looking and -performing entryways for homeowners.)

We're excited to share more about these sizes in the coming months:

  • 8" x 64" sidelight
  • 8" x 48" sidelight
  • 8" x 17" sidelight
  • 22" x 15.25" Craftsman doorlight
  • 22" x 17" 6-Light Craftsman SDL



One new stylized collection

This last featured launch provides a look into the future of doorglass. ODL is very intentional about creating stylized doorglass collections for specific trends and audiences, and it's no mistake that we now have two collections dedicated to privacy designs. Lightscapes Doorglass celebrates the different glass treatments that we use to create patterns on glass, and how each of them contributes to the style, privacy and personality of a home's entryways.


The big picture

It feels great to have so much upward momentum going into the second quarter of 2022. Join us in bringing continuous innovation and improvement to the markettalk to your representative about any of the products we highlighted here, or browse our Full Line Catalog+ for our complete offering.



*All puns intended! Sorry, not sorry.


Celebration Ocean

Lively oceans create unique pieces of beach glass. We celebrate oceanside memories with beautiful blues and twinkling teals in our Ocean glass. This hand-crafted glass brings dynamic pops of color to your entryway and no two pieces are alike.

Learn More Where to Buy


Vertical lines in architecture bring to mind stability and skyward movement. Dorian combines patterns and texture for a high level of privacy and added elegance to your door.

Learn More Where to Buy

Clear Glass

When you want the view and nothing but the view, Clear Glass is your answer. It is an option that works equally well from your entry door to your patio door. Offered in Clear and Low-E for standard 6/8 and 8/0 door sizes, the breadth of options for your doors, sidelights, and transoms means choices that fit your home.

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Movement and motion swirl together and create mesmerizing paths for the eye to follow. Swirl provides your entryway with privacy and style with lively yet gentle flowing lines.

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Like gently leaning trees in a peaceful forest, Timber's simple lines create tranquility and a calm beauty that graces your front door with high privacy.

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