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Clearance & Sizing

Improper Use

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The ODL company endorsement use is restricted for applications that make the byline clearly legible

The Zabitat logo represents the modernity and commitment to simplicity that helps to define the brand. It consists of two treatments: the icon and the wordmark, or word treatment.

The Zabitat logo uses three colors: Zabitat blue, gray, and white. The logo should primarily be used on a white background, which provides the most clarity. In cases where the blue logo is not appropriate, the black or white logo can be used.


Clearance & Sizing

To ensure the integrity of the logo, the area directly surrounding it should be protected. White space should be maximized whenever possible.



  • Tallest point of the house also equals the tallest point of the word treatment
  • The floor of the house also is the floor for the word treatment
  • Top of the word treatment represents the top of the house
  • Body of the word treatment represents the main section of the house

Improper Use

The guidelines above detail the acceptable and appropriate use of the Zabitat logo. To ensure the consistency and integrity of the Zabitat brand, all modifications are considered improper use.


Don't: Add text within the mandatory white space


Don't: Change the color of the logo or wordmark unless otherwise noted


Don't: Change the ratio, skew, stretch, modify or alter the proportions


Don't: Use imagery inside the icon when the word treatment is present


Don't: Move the word treatment from its original position


Don't: Add transparency to the logo


Don't: Use a color background behind the color version of the logo or icon


Don't: Remove the circle from the icon


Don't: Change the shape of the circle icon