List of current trademarks

List of current trademarks

In keeping with our mission of Building Value Into Building Products®, we pride ourselves in bringing ingenuity to the marketplace in the forms of material, product, process and design innovation. We maintain trademarks and registered trademarks to protect our sole ownership of these innovations, as well as to convey the pride we have in their quality.

All of the following words or phrases should always appear with the corresponding and appropriate trademark symbol. When the word or phrase is used multiple times in a single document, only the first instance of the word or phrase needs to include the appropriate symbol. The registered trademark symbol (®) should appear as a superscript.


Building Value Into Building Products®

We Make Your Life Better®


Dialogue Layered Glass®

Spotlights® Doorglass

Authentic Design for the Architecture Enthusiast™

Light-Touch® Enclosed Blinds





FiberMate Plus®