Alternative Backgrounds

Clearance & Sizing

Improper Use


The Western Reflections brand is deeply rooted in a tradition of excellent products and services. The logo wordmark represents this sense of tradition with its two distinct font types that are immediately recognizable as part of our brand.

The Western Reflections logo uses two colors: Western Reflections red and black. The logo should primarily be used on a white background, which provides the most clarity. In cases where the standard logo is not appropriate, the black or white logo can be used.


In instances where Western Reflections wants to be a part of a logo lock-up with another brand, certain standards must be maintained.

The two logos should:

  • Always be separated with a dividing line
  • Spaced appropriately
  • Other logo in lock-up should be a similar size to the Western Reflections logo
  • In a vertical lock-up, Western Reflections should be on top of the partner logo. In a horizontal lock-up, Western Reflections should be to the left of the partner logo.
  • Logo placement should be agreed upon by both brands

WR Logo Lockup Horz


WR Logo Lockup Horz_black


WR Logo Lockup Vert


WR Logo Lockup Vert_black


Alternative Backgrounds

The logo should typically be used on a white background. This ensures legibility and clarity. In circumstances where the white background does not fit, use a background or photo that provides the best contrast with the logo and refer to the following guidelines:

1. Use the reversed white logo on dark photos or backgrounds

2 Use the standard or black logos on lighter backgrounds or photos

WR_Logo Placement_1


WR_Logo Placement


WR_Logo Placement_2


Clearance & Sizing

To ensure the integrity of the logo, the area directly surrounding it should be protected.

White space should be maximized whenever possible.

The minimum clearance around the logo is represented by the height and width of the ‘W’ in Western.

The Western Reflections logo may only be reduced to a certain size. Legibility should always be the priority and enforcing this minimum will ensure this standard.

Minimum size:

40 px height on screen
.5 inches height in print



Improper Use

The guidelines above detail the acceptable and appropriate use of the Western Reflections logo. To ensure the consistency and integrity of the Western Reflections brand, all modifications are considered improper use.


Don't: Change, replace or alter marks in any way


Don’t: Change the ratio, stretch, modify or alter the proportions


Don’t: Rotate the mark


Don't: Change the color to an unapproved color


Don’t: Surround or overlay the mark with a pattern or busy design



Don’t: Add graphics