Published Mar 2, 2022 12:53:47 PM

4 Benefits of Decorative Privacy Glass

As home trends and styles continue changing over the years, it’s important to keep the desires of your customers in mind when purchasing glass and door options. One of the biggest trends in doorglass is the preference for decorative privacy glass in doors over camed designs.

Decorative privacy glass provides many benefits to your customers, and homeowners love the benefits that come with it. The simplistic patterns match modern design aesthetics and add lasting appeal to an entryway. Let’s dive into the different benefits of decorative privacy glass that your customers will love.

1. Create Architectural Aesthetics

Designing and building a home requires an understanding of the architectural styles that sell well and appeal in a given market. However, over the years more and more homeowners are taking interest in preserving the architectural style of their home, or finding elements that add their own twist to the architectural aesthetic.


Decorative privacy glass allows homeowners to find patterns and styles that match the architecture of their home and extend the interior design to a visible place on the exterior. A piece of decorative glass in the front door lets all visitors know what type of home they are entering and what they can expect inside.

2. Let In the Light 

Oftentimes the traditional formats of privacy block natural light. Shades, curtains, drapes or even a solid door all provide high levels of privacy but at the expense of enjoying daily natural light. Sunshine provides multiple health benefits, including boosting your mood and improving circadian rhythms for better sleep. Decorative privacy glass allows the light to come in while still maintaining that important high level of privacy that homeowners enjoy.

Not only does natural light make spaces look bigger and helps to make homeowners happier with their houses, but it also helps cut down on energy use. Rather than using power to turn on interior lights, natural light helps brighten homes organically and reduces energy bills. Over time, consciously relying on natural light over artificial adds up to be a big savings for homeowners.

3. Provide Safety for Families

Decorative privacy glass does much more than just add an aesthetic benefit to an entryway. By nature of being privacy glass, it’s hard to see through and stops people outside of a home being able to see inside. Safety is an important factor that homeowners want addressed in their homes, and having privacy glass allows them to feel more safe and secure while maintaining the benefits of enhanced design and natural light.

Decorative privacy glass provides a perfect combination of beauty, style, and privacy. Rather than a solid door that can look plain or completely clear glass that doesn't provide any level of privacy, decorative privacy glass applies patterns and designs to make any homeowner happy.

4. Add Value to A Home

From the very first step on the journey to building a new home, homeowners want to think about ways that they can add value and build equity in their investment. That means that builders need to also be thinking about using the types of elements that homeowners want and that will build continued value over time.

Decorative privacy glass is growing in popularity across building markets. Rather than other styles of doorglass design like camed decorative glass, which are declining in popularity, more and more builders and designers are using decorative privacy glass to help homeowners get the most value out of their new homes.

Decorative Privacy Glass Styles at ODL

At ODL, we are carefully watching the trend away from camed glass and the increased interest in decorative privacy glass as consumers’ doorglass of choice. That’s why we’re happy to have many different patterns and designs of decorative privacy glass available to our customers. Take a look at our Perpsectives collection for textured privacy glass, or our new Lightscapes collection for patterned designs.




All that’s missing is the patter of raindrops. Rain features a vertical pattern and textured surface that create the illusion of rain trickling down a window. It offers a high level of privacy.

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As touchable as its namesake, Chinchilla’s fine lines and organic, fur-like texture create a striking wave pattern when seen from afar. It offers a high level of privacy to your home.

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