Published Jan 14, 2020 9:00:00 AM

The Whole Package

Thanks to the internet, your customers can learn all that they want to know about nearly any product in the world with little more than the push of a button. From product details and prices to reviews — both positive and negative — from existing customers, a customer can know a product like the back of their hand before ever having seen it in person.

The unprecedented access to information available to consumers through smartphones and smart devices means that we, as the manufacturers, dealers and distributors of the products they’re researching, need to think one step ahead. A consumer’s decision to buy involves much more than aesthetics and price points — we must be able to offer the whole package.

What does the whole package include?

“The whole package” is a subjective phrase, but generally encompasses meeting consumer demands through consideration of how features, functions, materials, aesthetics and price points play into the final product. At ODL, Inc, we expand that definition even further to include our personnel, our dealers and distributors, and the way we strategically apply market research and intelligence. Each of these elements contributes to our brand and the public’s perception of it. Therefore, the same standards of quality should apply to each.

How do we accomplish it?

Being able to offer the whole package means thinking strategically about every stage of a product’s lifespan, from conceptualization to execution. Everything we create, including all of our doorglass, blinds and frames, is made with intention. Take the various decorative doorglass designs we offer, for example. Each design is created with a purpose, whether to complement a specific architectural style or offer privacy to homeowners.

Our Dialogue Layered Glass™ is one of our decorative doorglass lines and a great example of bringing “the whole package” concept to fruition. Creating six unique patterns of layered glass involved working with an industrial design firm to conceptualize, create and execute the finished product. Dialogue Layered Glass puts a new spin on doorglass by using multiple layers of glass and patterns that are very subtly unaligned. The positioning of the patterns plays off of light, movement, proximity and vantage points to create movement and interaction within both the doorglass and its shadow. But there’s a lot more to Dialogue Layered Glass than its captivating visual appeal — it’s also functional, with each design offering a dynamic privacy range that gives homeowners security. 

Another “whole package” example is our newest doorglass frame, ZEEL™, created to meet consumer demand for minimal aesthetics. The frame’s flat profile, which protrudes only .25 inches from the door, accomplishes this and uses thoughtful, strategic engineering to do so. ZEEL is a “whole package” product thanks in part to its innovative clip system that eliminates the need for screws. Without screws, and designed to sit flush even on imperfect doors, ZEEL reduces installation time and effort by 25 percent, meeting a strongly-voiced consumer demand at a cost-competitive price point. We manufacture the frame using our strongest material yet — FiberMate Plus™ — and a dry foam sealant, leading to a strong, long-lasting product for homeowners to enjoy.

Both of these products, in addition to our other lines of doorglass, were created to meet specific consumer demands while incorporating features, functions and materials that set them apart.

What does this mean for you?

As dealers and distributors of ODL doorglass, the ability to market these sorts of “whole package” products positions you as leaders in the market.

Think about it: your customers always have the option to buy generic, run-of-the-mill doorglass that offers nice-enough designs and would surely appease the average homeowner. But instead, they come to you and select ODL products because of what it can offer them. Aesthetics, yes, but also durability, privacy and reliable warranties from a reputable brand. Although homeowners increasingly prioritize design and curb appeal, the builders you sell to know how important those other elements are. But when it comes to swaying the homeowners, they want something they can point to and describe as offering a “whole package.” That’s why offering ODL products, which are readily available, quality-tested, well-reviewed and visually-appealing so often results in a win for both the builders and the homeowners. Builders can market a home with top-quality doorglass products, and the homeowners enjoy the long-term benefits of the products.

The manufacturer’s extra effort and consideration toward creating the whole package ends up paying off for you, builders and, ultimately, the homeowners.

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