Published Dec 3, 2019 10:48:19 AM

The ZEEL™ Clip System: How We Changed the Frame Game

Doorglass frames have been a staple in entry-door engineering since the introduction of the doorlight. No matter the type or size of glass inside — from decorative to clear glass, small, craftsman-style to full-length doorlights — frames offer a secure housing system that often comes with added benefits, such as weather resistance, that help extend the lifespan of the entire door.

What many people, even some professionals, overlook is how each component of an entry door — the door, the doorglass and everything in between — contribute to how we experience our homes. That’s why ever since we built our first doorlight in the early 1950s, ODL has thoughtfully engineered a wide array of doorglass products. Over the years, changing consumer demands and advancements in technology have translated to ever-changing trends and standard practices. With that in mind, we’ve always worked hard to provide innovative solutions that stay ahead of the curve, so in turn, our dealers and distributors can do the same for their customers.

The doorglass frame, for example, has been rethought time and time again. In the 1970s we took the risk of doing away with then-standard wood frames and introduced injection-molded frames. We’ve taken chances when innovating technologies, processes and materials, but this has been vital for our growth. With that same understanding in mind in 2019, we’ve reengineered the doorglass frame once again.

Meet ZEEL™

Our new ZEEL™ doorglass frame is a flat-profile frame that accomplishes the same look as traditional flush-glazed doors without screws or cumbersome screw hole covers, which can compromise the look and integrity of the door. Instead, we engineered an innovative clip system that’s changed the framing game.

The clip system introduces several benefits to installers, including;

  • Faster and more streamlined installation – Using clips instead of screws to secure the frame reduces installation time and effort by 25 percent. This leads to heightened overall customer satisfaction due to shortened project times and cost-savings for labor.
  • Precise adjustment capabilities – Entry doors sometimes have imperfections that prevent snap-together frames from sitting flush. Unlike other screwless frames that have pre-set adjustment capabilities, ZEEL allows installers to make precise adjustments to achieve a superior seal to the door. This ultimately makes for a stronger, more durable entry door.
  • Match aesthetic preferences – Today’s consumers favor simplified, flat-profile doorglass frames that allow the doorglass and surrounding décor to stand out. The clip system enables ZEEL to sit completely flush to the door, only protruding .25 inches. Its slim profile matches the minimalistic aesthetic favored by modern homeowners.
  • Replacement made simple – The aesthetic impacts of ZEEL make it a great alternative to flush glazed doors, in which any broken doorglass meant builders or homeowners needed to purchase an entirely new door. With flush glazed, frameless doors it wasn’t possible to remove doorglass without ruining the door. With ZEEL, if the doorglass is broken or damaged, the frame and glass can be replaced quickly and efficiently. This is  thanks to a reduced warranty that helps replace the frame at a lower cost.  


ZEEL is installed using a clip system lining the top, bottom and sides of an inner and outer frame. The outer frame, which has the clips built-in, is placed on a working surface with the clips in a vertical position, allowing the door to be placed on top so the clips can be accessed through the door light opening. The inner frame, which has tall tabs that click into the clips, is then aligned with the door and outer frame. Once in position, the installer simply presses the inner frame down and gently uses a rubber mallet to lock the tabs securely into the clips. And voila! Installation, done.

Uninstalling the frame is just as easy and requires only a prybar and a hammer to efficiently and cleanly separate it from the door and doorglass. After gently using the hammer to wedge the prybar between the frame and the glass, pushing down on the prybar will break apart the tabs and from the clips. This process is continued around the perimeter of the frame until it can be removed. The frame is then discarded, but if done properly, the door and doorglass can be reused. Training videos detailing the processes for installing and removing the frame can be found at

The durability offered by ZEEL’s clip system is supplemented by other innovative materials and finishes. Our Resolve® dry-foam sealant provides added durability and weather-tight protection without the messy ooze-out common in wet glazes. We also finish ZEEL with our strongest material yet, FiberMate Plus™. Unlike other frames that warp in extreme heat, ZEEL is resistant to environmental wear-and-tear, even in direct sunlight or when painted dark colors.

At ODL, our products are designed and engineered with purpose — be it added privacy, more durability, a better fit with aesthetic trends or all of the above. ZEEL took the same thoughtful design and engineering we apply to all of our products and used it to make waves in the way doorglass frames are manufactured and installed. We’re proud to be changing the frame game, one innovation at a time.

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