Published Jun 29, 2020 10:15:00 AM

Learn How ODL Builds A Better Doorglass Frame

Doorglass frames are fairly self-explanatory — they surround the opening where doorglass is inserted into an entry door, providing support for the glass and bringing design cohesiveness to the door as a whole. As dealers and distributors of doorglass products, you’re well aware of that. But are you aware that not all doorglass frames are built the same?

At ODL, we believe that high-quality doorglass deserves a high-quality, durable and innovative frame. We’ve rethought the doorglass frame before — like in the 1970s when we moved away from wood frames to test the waters with injection-molded frames. That risk led to great success, with products that our customers could have confidence in and an industry-wide shift away from the wood frames of the past. But in 2019, we decided it was once again time to rethink. We looked at the pain points of the existing frames on the market and set our sights on offering something better. The result? A better doorglass frame: our ZEEL® frame. 

ZEEL combines our efficient and long-lasting dry foam sealant and innovative clip system to solve common frame woes. Below, we’ll dive into some of the most common problems your customers face and learn how ZEEL addresses those issues. 

Problem: “My doorglass broke, but to replace it, I’ll have to replace my entire flush glazed door.”

Trendy flush glazed doors have done away with the doorglass frame altogether. However, their seamless look comes with a high risk—in the case of something happening to the doorglass, the entire door needs to be scrapped, as it’s impossible to change it out. But the thought of so many otherwise perfect doors going to waste didn’t sit well with us. We engineered ZEEL with a sleek, modern look to rival any flush glazed door and an innovative clip system to make installing and uninstalling doorglass a more streamlined and less wasteful process. 

The ZEEL frame is installed quickly and efficiently using a system of clips lining the outer frame, aligned with corresponding tabs on the inner frame. If a doorglass needs to be replaced, your customers won’t have to worry about removing screws or stripping the door’s finish to remove the frame. ZEEL unclips with no more effort than pushing down on a prybar to release the tabs. The frame itself can’t be reused, but your customers will appreciate the cost savings from only buying new doorglass and a new frame, rather than an entirely new door.

Problem: “There is ooze-out where my frame was sealed — it looks messy and is hard to keep clean.”

Traditional frames are sealed using a wet glaze. The process often results in messy ooze-out, which is not only an eye-sore, but also attracts dirt and grime. Top-performing doorglass frames from ODL use Resolve®, a dry-foam sealant. The gasket is made from a clean thermoset foam and applied in a continuous layer without any sticky elements.

Your customers won’t have to sacrifice quality, however. Resolve is as strong as it is mess-free. Homeowners will enjoy enhanced durability and weather-tight protection with a foam seal that won’t degrade over time or succumb to changing climate conditions.

Problem: “My frame didn’t hold up to extreme weather conditions.”

Speaking of changing climate conditions, some doorglass frames have a tendency to warp during the summer months or leak in extreme cold. With this in mind, we engineered our strongest material yet — FiberMate Plus™. With this new material, ZEEL is resistant to environmental wear-and-tear, even in direct sunlight or when painted dark colors.

Problem: “The screw holes in my frame distract from the door’s aesthetic.”

Simplified, flat-profile doorglass frames are in high demand, but using a screwed-on frame with holes can detract from the sleek, smooth entryway design your customer envisioned. Unfortunately, even the most subtle of screw-hole covers are still noticeable, and are difficult to install besides.

ZEEL’s clip system, alongside its slim profile and modern design, make it a perfect choice for today’s homeowners who seek a minimalistic aesthetic by eliminating the need for screws and cumbersome screw-hole covers. 

Problem: “My frame doesn’t sit completely flush to my entry door.”

Another benefit of the clip system is its precise adjustment capabilities. Sometimes, imperfections in entry doors make it hard for frames to sit flush, but other frames that secure without the use of screws have pre-set adjustment capabilities that don’t allow for fine-tuning their fit. With ZEEL, installers can make precise adjustments to help achieve a superior seal to any door. Plus, with this innovative clip system, ZEEL frames not only sit completely flush to the door but only protrude a quarter of an inch from its face.

The considerations put into our doorglass and doorglass frames aim to give your customers added confidence and security. We create a better doorglass frame by making it stronger, longer-lasting, design-friendly and cost-effective.

To learn more about the engineering behind ZEEL, as well as view installation and training videos, please visit

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