Published Jan 7, 2021 11:11:00 AM

Glass Front Door Privacy: Tips and Tricks

The front door is the defining feature of your home. It sets the tone for guests as they arrive, boosts curb appeal, and invites sunlight into your home. However, not everyone wants to see and be seen through their front door. The solution? Front doors that look great and have built-in privacy features that still let in the natural light you love in your home.

In this blog, the experts from ODL outlines three beautiful, functional ways to increase privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Front-Door Privacy Is a Growing Consumer Priority

Privacy-related searches are common among potential customers in the industry. Front doors are not only a style choice, but something that plays a functional role in the comfort and design of a home.  

If your projects or builds require new front doors, updated door glass, or flexibility in light while protecting the interior space from the street view, privacy glass options should be at the top of your list.

Three Tricks for Protecting Privacy Without Sacrificing Natural Light

Just because your customer has multiple needs in a front door doesn’t mean you can’t meet all of them. We believe that front doors can offer privacy, light, and look great—all at the same time. If your project has specific needs, follow these three tips to find the perfect door for any home.

Look for Patterned or Textured Privacy Glass

Textured privacy glass offers homeowners the luxury of natural light while preserving their privacy. Privacy glass uses a combination of textured and slightly opaque glass to create a hazy finish that lets light pass through but makes it difficult to see into the home from the street, curb, or porch.  

At ODL, we offer varying levels of glass opacity and texture, ranging from 0 (clear glass) to 10 (high privacy). Your clients can still enjoy the natural light they crave and the privacy they need without sacrificing design or style. Our delicately frosted Blanca option offers a high level of privacy and simple design. Or, if you’re looking for door glass with a more distinct pattern, the bubbly Vapor option is reminiscent of moving water and offers medium-level privacy. 

Choose Patterned Glass

Decorative glass is beautiful, but there is more to these stylish options than meets the eye. Because ODL patterned door glass incorporates different colors, textures, and cuts of glass joined with elegant caming, it offers residents a discreet privacy solution 

Our decorative glass catalog is extensive, so you’re sure to find the glass option that completes any project and elevates the style of any home. For example, Jacinto combines the Old World Charm of wrought iron scrolling with textured glass. Salix, a brand new design in the ODL catalog, offers a more contemporary aesthetic, with its pops of stained glass and fresh botanical pattern. Whether you’re looking for traditional, craftsman, or sleek mid-century styling, ODL has the perfect door glass for your project. 

Install Doors With Enclosed Blinds

We get it: you love the clarity of transparent glass, but still want and need a privacy option. The solution? Enclosed door glass blinds. With blinds sealed between two layers of glass, you have complete control over privacy, light, positioning, and more, without the hassle of cleaning or upkeep.  

Adjusting these blinds is intuitive and ergonomic. Every adjustment is made with a simple slider, keeping your blinds safe from children, pets, and general wear and tear—no more fighting with cords or rods! Our Light-Touch® Enclosed Blinds are available in white, while our Color Collection comes in espresso, sand, silver moon, and slate gray, so you’re sure to find the perfect complement for any home’s style. 

At ODL, we’re proud to work with builders, designers, and people like you to craft door glass that meets your privacy needs. If you have questions about our products or how we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


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ODL: Beautiful, Efficient Privacy Solutions

Are you tired of coming up short in your privacy door glass solutions? At ODL, we’re ready to help you discover the options you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a stunning texture, beautiful pattern, or intuitive enclosed blinds, ODL is here to help. To learn more, contact us today, or find out where to buy.



Reminiscent of Northern Lights, Vapor creates an ethereal play of light and shadow and a medium level of privacy for your entryway.

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The soft buds of the willow are Spring's earliest sign that the garden is about to wake. Salix, the botanical name for willow, reflects their beauty and whimsy with pops of color and modern lines. Bring nature to your entryway all year round with this earthy, organic pattern.

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