Published May 7, 2021 12:06:00 PM

3 Projects That Should Use Blink Entry Doorglass (and How to Upsell Them)

From preserving privacy in multifamily developments to prioritizing safety in single-family homes, the light control benefits of doors with enclosed blinds fit naturally into your next big project.

Blink Entry Doorglass offers unparalleled ease of use, privacy, and versatility. No matter your build, renovation, or project, there’s an opportunity for Blink Entry Doorglass to take your efforts to the next level.

Improved Design Makes Blink Blinds an Ideal Addition to any Project

Blink Entry Doorglass is thoughtfully designed, easy to use, and the most comprehensive privacy control on the market.

Blink offers consumers what they’re looking for when it comes to ease of use, privacy, light control and design options, including for doors that would otherwise be challenging to cover, like French doors. This alignment makes incorporating Blink into your next project more effortless than ever—keep reading for three ways to include Blink Entry Doorglass in your next project, plus strategies for upselling, too.


Bring Blink Internal Blinds Into These 3 Exterior Door Projects

Blink Entry Doorglass is right for a wide variety of projects. If your clients value privacy, ease of use, and design, here are three that could be right for their next project:

1. Internal Blinds for Entryway Spaces

Entryways are critical spaces for privacy protection, both in single-family homes and in larger, multifamily developments. Incorporating enclosed blinds in hinged entry doors is a no-brainer; traditional blinds tend to slam when a door closes, and curtains collect dust and tend to fade.

You can complete the look of an entryway by incorporating enclosed blinds in the project’s doors. Enclosed blinds offer privacy for hard-to-cover spaces, a sleek look, and an opportunity to offer your clients a benefit they didn’t know they needed.

2. Hinged Patio Doors

If your client isn’t up to date on industry trends, they might not know that their patio doors, hinged patio doors, or French doors are suited perfectly for enclosed blinds. If your homeowner values privacy but didn’t originally include enclosed window coverings for their patio or French doors, Blink could be right for them.

3. Build a Family Look

Updating a home in sections can leave the space feeling disjointed, unfinished, and harsh. Blink Entry Doorglass is ideal for entryways throughout the home, creating a cohesive family looks that pulls the space together.

When your client chooses Blink for one entryway, take the opportunity to enhance the look of their project by updating windows and sliding patio doors with Blink Blinds + Glass products as well. What’s more, we’re the only product on the market that can make that claim.


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Blink Is the Easy Choice for Building Materials Suppliers

At ODL, we know how important it is to offer consumers high-quality products that make their home feel complete. We also know how much the details matter to you. Besides offering the privacy and usability features that your clients want, Blink also has the certifications and other product features that you need.

  • Energy Efficient and Code Compliant: Blink enclosed blinds products are thoroughly tested to meet rigorous product code criteria for design pressure requirementsand non-impact standards, in addition to extensive product testing for air and water resistanceslam and cycle testing, and sound transmission tests. Severe Weather Glass products are also available in select colors and sizes.
  • Meets the Updated 2020 Internal Fogging Certification: In August of 2020, the requirement for the E2189 certification changed. ODL products have been fully certified to this new ASTM E2190 standard for seal durability of insulating glass units and passing gas content initial and after weathering. Have the products you’ve been using met these new requirements?
  • Focus Group Tested: Our products are thoroughly researched and designed to meet consumer needs and expectations. In a recent consumer research study, we asked participants, who were shopping for enclosed blinds online and in-store, to responded to questions about ease of operation, amount of force needed to operate, the ability to raise and lower the blinds without bending over, aesthetic design, and privacy. Based on their feedback, we crafted our Blink products to meet consumer needs.


From preserving privacy to prioritizing safety, the light control benefits of doors with enclosed blinds fit naturally into your next big project. Check out the updates we made to our best-selling enclosed blinds with Blink Entry Doorglass and let us know where you'd like to use them next:

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Blink Entry Doorglass

Blink Entry Doorglass brings an updated look, feel and finish to your entryway while keeping the same benefits of maintenance-free light and privacy control of enclosed blinds. This latest design combines easy operating effort and long-lasting reliability that continues our 20-year history of building the best-selling blinds between glass in the industry.

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