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Professional Resources


Clear Filters

Enclosed Blinds for Doors and Windows

Enclosed blinds offer a very attractive solution to privacy and light control for homeowners. Download to learn more.

Selling to Today's Buyers

Buyers today are more informed than ever thanks to constant connectivity, and buyers in the building materials industry is no exception.

Complementing Architectural Home Styles with Simulated Divided Lights and Grilles Between Glass in Doors

While gridded or segmented lights and windows have transcended time periods, each style put its own unique spin on the divided light.

Divided Light Comparison Guide

See a side-by-side look at the pro's and con's of true divided lights, simulated divided lights, grilles between glass and external grilles.

STC Test Results

For decorative doorglass, 1" IG clear doorglass with 3/4" air space, 1/2" IG clear doorglass with 1/4" air space, and severe weather doorglass.

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