Published Apr 20, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Browse Easily, Sell Easily with Our New Interactive Digital Catalog

Over our 75 years in business, we’ve forged a strong reputation as a doorglass industry leader and cultivated a loyal customer base. But we know our success is contingent on your success as our dealers and distributors. We want to give you all the tools you need to win, including access to the most up-to-date pricing and product details. That’s why we’ve introduced a new interactive digital catalog that reflects pricing changes, product launches and new customizations as soon as they take effect.

What That Means For You

Packed with attractive photos of our products in application, our printed catalog remains available as a quick, handy reference guide. But once it’s published, it can’t be changed. Our digital catalog is the perfect complement: interactive, comprehensive and updated as soon as products are added or changed. As you work with your customers to help them select the ideal doorglass to complete their projects, you’ll know you’re always sharing the current list prices, available colors, sizes and more.

How Does It Work?

The new digital catalog works much like older versions, in that users click through (or swipe if they’re viewing on a mobile device) pages to locate product details. But with the interactive capabilities of the new version, you can enjoy more streamlined access to information as well as improved options for sharing.

The catalog features ODL’s full line up of doorglass, doorglass frames and add-on blinds for doors, and as new products are introduced, they are seamlessly added into the mix. As the viewer, you have the option to click through page-by-page, select the category you’re searching for from convenient tabs along the side of the page or utilize our comprehensive search function.

Once you’ve landed on the product you’re searching for, or one that piques your interest, you’ll immediately see a brief product description, privacy rating and price range indicated by dollar signs. More complete product details are also available through the catalog’s interactive features and strategically placed graphic elements, which include:

  • Detailed product information with a single click — clicking onto any doorglass brings you detailed pricing information, compatible frame types, color options, sizes and the model number
  • Optimized links — when applicable, each page is formatted with links to other relevant pages
  • Video content — when applicable, videos are embedded into product pages
  • Low-E and ENERGY STAR™ certification — black and blue “e” icons, respectively, indicate doorglass with a low-E finish and/or ENERGY STAR certification
  • Severe weather compatibility — indicated by a hurricane icon, you’ll know at first glance whether the doorglass is available in severe weather
  • Color swatches — quickly view color options available for enclosed blinds, grilles between glass and simulated divided light products

Mark Up and Share Your Finds

So, you’ve found a product you think your customers will love? Use our catalog’s sharing and commenting capabilities to tell them about it.

Icons lining the top of the screen give you multiple options for sharing product details or saving a page for quick reference. The “Click to Share” icon allows you to send a link to the current page via email or share to social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you only want to share a selection of the page, such as an image of the doorglass, use the “Crop Image” tool to crop your desired selection, then email, download or print it.

The “Add Note” feature allows you to add comments throughout the catalog — think of them as digital sticky notes. Use a sidebar to click through your notes to easily flip back and forth between pages that have been marked up.

A Better Way to Sell

It’s our goal as a manufacturer to make our products simple to understand and easy for you to sell. Our new digital catalog not only puts product and pricing details at your fingertips but also allows you to stay up-to-speed on any changes to these details, practically the second they’re made. There’s no room for guesswork when it comes to supplying the perfect doorglass to meet your customers’ vision, budget and performance nee

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